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Right i am so very crap at this journal thing because 1: i never write in it, 2: i have no idea what to say in it 3: i'm so terribly crap with computers so i can never do all those pretty icon things that everyone seems to do. And i really don't know how to use the scanner thing so i can't at least entertain you with my very rubbish drawings (which are mainly of jarvis cocker and david tennant)
But today is going to be different, the problem is i can't really write any stuff that i'm anxious or worried about (apart from me feeling like i'm totally selfish, i would tell everything!) unless it's the normal crap of a teenage girl, which would of course mount to boys (one particular twat) and coursework which really isn't that intresting. However i'm going to write all the shit in my life anyway because no one apart from my rats will listen.
p.s i might even have the nerve to start writing up my stories on here too.

i've had some seriously bad stuff happen to me in the last year and it has just left me completely confused. i can't be myself around my friends anymore because they just don't understand which i am so jealous of. I just wish that all i could ever worry about was boys and makeup and who's staying over who's house this week. it's just i feel so much matured then my friends evn than my work mates.
Anyway i'm having a very stressy time with this damn computer since it won't download my new james blunt cd onto my mp3.
i have fallen in love with 'i really want you' and 'give me some love' and i can only listen to it at home. (unfortunatley i only spend have the week there)

oh well there's always tomoz

i learnt the sweetest quote today:
'it is better to have loved and lost
then to have never loved at all'
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